Rent Luxury Yacht in Odessa

Rent Luxury Yacht in Odessa

Rent Luxury Yacht in Odessa

Beautiful Sailing Yacht up to 15 — 25 people daily rental.

Luxury Odessa  yacht is equipped by all necessary for comfortable rest and sea walk on the yacht in Odessa. On the yacht can be to 20 passengers. Berths on the yacht — 10. The crew of the yacht makes 3-6 people.

Beautiful Sailing Yacht up to 15 — 25 people daily rental.Excellent yacht for corporate parties.

  • Length — 30 ms.
  • Width — 6,0 ms.
  • settling — 3,75 m
  • Sails — 350,00 sq.m
  • Passengers — 10-25 persons
  • Crew — 4 person.
  • On board network — 12В
  • The yacht is equipped: gas stove, ware,  refrigerator, the microwave oven, ice — the generator, a toilet, shower, TV, the DVD, the tape recorder.

Sea walks along Odessa Bay, bathing on the Luxury Yacht, the best rest during your visit to Odessa, by sea.

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