1 bedroom apartments

1 bedroom apartments

Rent 1 bedroom apartments in Odessa Ukraine

Luxury Odessa Apartment Rent

2 room, 1 bedroom luxury odessa apartment in new house.

Luxury 1 bedroom Odessa apartment

2-room 1 bedroom apartments located in the new house on Grecheskaya St.5, corner of Polskaya St., the historical center of Odessa.

$60 | night

Luxury Apartment Rentals in Odessa

Luxury 2 room, 1 bedroom odessa new apartment.

New exclusive drawing room, luxury apartment Odessa

The new apartment of luxury in Odessa, it is located on 1 floor of the strong house on Sofievskaya Street, 22 minutes of walking  to Deribasovskaya Street (in 2 blocks)

$62 | night

New one bedroom apartment

New apartment in Odessa Ukraine, with one bedroom.

Rent new 1 bedroom apartment in Odessa center.

New 1 bedroom Odessa apartment, center on the city Odessa. Ekaterininskaya str., located at the intersection of the two most famous streets of Odessa, the heart of the city.

$45 | night

Odessa Vip Level Apartment

VIP level, 1 bedroom Odessa apartment, near Ekaterininskaya Square.

vip level odessa ukraine apartment for daily rent

Vip 1 bedroom apartment in Odessa. New building, near  Ekaterininskaya Square. Stylish repair, 5th floor, total-70 sq.m,  kitchen studio, living room with sofa, bedroom, beds (2 +2 +1), bathroom.

$45 | night

New Vip Odessa Apartment

New Vip 2 room, 1 bedroom, apartment in Odessa Ukraine, Ekaterininskaya square.

Room for guests in new vip Odessa apartment.

Rent Vip apartment in Odessa Ukraine, is situated on the 6th floor of a new house near Ekaterininskaya square. (10 minutes walk) at Deribasovskaya street (in 2 blocks).You will find a fashionable Italian restaurant, shops right in the house.

$50 | night

Rent Odessa Apartment 1

Big, new 2 room, 1 bedroom apartment in Odessa, near Ekaterininskaya square.

1 bedroom apartments on Ekaterininskaya Square

Give to rent 2- room, 1 bedroom  apartments near Ekaterininskaya square,Odessa. The total area – 83 square meters. In apartment fresh repair is executed. The design project.

$55 | night

Luxury 2 room apartment

Luxury 1 bedroom, 2 room apartment in Odessa, Ekaterininskaya street.

Odessa apartment with 1 bedroom, in the new house.

New 2 rooms apartment in the city center Odessa Ukraine, Ekaterininskayast. The apartment has a separate bedroom, a small kitchen-studio, bathroom, dressing room.

$62 | night

Luxury Odessa Apartment

Luxury 1 bedroom apartment Odessa

Luxury stay Odessa

Rent Author’s repair apartments in Odessa, in modern classical style with antiquity elements, is executed from the qualitative, expensive materials, expensive furniture.

$49 | night

Odessa Ukraine Rent

Rent 1 bedroom 2 roomed apartment in the center of Odessa, on Grecheskaya St. 11


Rent 1 bedroom, 2 room  elites, modern apartment, in the center of Odessa, Ukraine, 3 minutes of walking  to Deribasovskaya street, located on Grecheskaya Street 11.

Daily Odessa Apartment

Daily rent 1 bedroom apartment in Odessa Ukraine, Deribasovskaya str.

Downtown Odessa Ukraine, 1 bedroom apartment

1 bedroom apartment,center on the Odessa city, Deribasovskaya str./Ekaterininskaya str. Ground floor and first floor of outhouses in a cozy calm yard in the center of Odessa, independent entrance.

Odessa 1 bedroom Apartments

1 bedroom apartments Grecheskaya str.

Bedroom, categories standard

1 bedroom, newly refurbished apartment in Odessa, on 23 Grecheskaya Street, close to Ekaterininskaya Street. Apartment is located on the 2nd floor of a 4 storey building downtown Odessa Ukraine.

$35 | night

Apartment 1-01

Brand new, 1 bedroom apartment in Odessa, Grechesksya square.

Book 1 bedroom apartment in Odessa Ukraine

Nice 1 bedroom apartment in Odessa, Grecheskaya Square, next Deribasovskaya street. This brand newly renovated one bedroom apartment is located in the absolute heart of Odessa.

$44 | night

Apartment 1-02

1 bedroom, 2 room apartment, Ekaterininskaya square 1, Odessa Ukraine.

1 bedroom apartment in Odessa, Potemkinsky ladder, monument to Duke.

1 bedroom apartment, very good location in Odessa. Ekaterininskaya Square close to Deribasovskaya str., near Potemkin stairs. Excellent location. Perfect view out of your windows.

$38 | night

Apartment 1-03

1 bedroom, 2 room apartment in Odessa, Grechesksya square.

King sizes bed apartment, light tones, furniture.

Grecheskaya square. Corner of Vitse-Admirala Zhukova str. 3rd floor of 4-storied building. Close to to Deribasivska street, supermarket «Afina» and Russian Theatre.

$29 | night

Apartment 1-04

1 bedroom apartment in Odessa city center, Grecheskaya street 1.

Rent 1 bedroom Odessa apartment on Grecheskaya street 1.

1 bedroom apartment with fresh repair, new furniture, free Internet wi — fi, in new the protected house, on Grecheskaya Street 1.

$42 | night

Vip Beach Apartment

Odessa vip 1 bedroom beach apartment, French Boulevard, balcony with a sea view.

Vip apartment near beach in Odessa.

Vip 1 bedroom apartment in Odessa, an elite housing estate «Marseille». Apartment it is located in the most prestigious district of the city in French boulevard near the  beach, in 3 minutes on foot from the sea, in 10 minutes from Arcadia and in 15 minutes from the center.

$53 | night

Apartment 1-07

1-bedroom apartment, Odessa city center, Pushkinskaya str.14.

Necessary new furniture, from windows a view of Pushkinskaya Street.

Odessa center, street Pushkinskaya / Bunina, 3rd floor of 3 floor houses, with a smart kind from windows, in 5-minutes of walking from street Deribasovskaya.

$37 | night

Apartment 1-08

Luxury 1 bedroom, 2 room apartment in Odessa, 17 Rishelievskaya str.

Luxury 1 bedroom apartment, with a double bed.

Rent Two-rooms / one bedroom luxurious apartment on Rishelievskaya str. Odessa. It has a huge double bed in 25 square meters bedroom and wonderful paintings on the wall. 17 Rishelievskaya, corner Zukovskogo street, 8 minutes walks from Deribasovskaya street.

$90 | night

Apartment 1-09 Studio

Odessa studio apartment, city center.

Studio - 1 bedroom apartment, Odessa Potemkinskaya ladder

Studio new and high class apartment on famous Vorontsovskiy lane, 2 minutes walking from Primorskiy boulevard, 10 minutes from Deribasovskaya street. Quite location in the heart of Odessa. The total square of the apartment is 35 sq. m, deluxe reconstruction is just finished.

$41 | night

Apartment 1-10 Studio

Studio 1 bedroom apartment Odessa, 8 Vorontsovskiy lane

The new apartment studio, in two levels.

Rent Studio/one bedroom new and high class apartment on famous Vorontsovskiy lane, 2 minutes walking from Primorskiy boulevard, 10 minutes from Deribasovskaya street. Quite location in the very heart of Odessa.

$55 | night

Apartment 1-11 Studio

Apartment in the historic center of the Odessa city, Studio.

Apartment studio, two level in Odessa.

Studio-kitchen apartment in Odessa Ukraine, bedroom area of ​​50 sq.m, 2nd floor 2-storey building renovated, 2 minutes walking from Primorskiy boulevard, 10 minutes from Deribasovskaya street.

$55 | night

Apartment Odessa downtown

1 bedroom apartment in Odessa,Torgovaya str, Art Boulevard.

1 Bedroom, categories standard, apartment in Odessa

Take 1 bedroom apartment in Odessa, is located on 5 floors of the nine-floor house.
Cosy and light. A magnificent kind on the sea. It is located in the center of an old part of city of
Odessa in 10 minutes of walking from street Deribasovskaya.

$45 | night

Apartment 1-13

1 bedroom apartment in Odessa, street Ekaterininskaya.

1 Bedroom apartment, with a double bed in Odessa

Rent 1 bedroom apartment in Odessa,  street Ekaterininskaya . European-quality repair, apartment of a correct lay-out. In a room Modern facing; Room 25 m2.  The big case «Stenli» with a mirror door, armchairs, a coffee table, TV » Samsung «, Cable television, phone, conditioner.

$38 | night

New Vip Apartment

Nice vip 1 bedroom apartment, Odessa city center, Zukovskogo str.10.

Rent new 1 bedroom apartment Odessa city center.

New vip 1 bedroom apartment. Odessa centers city, Zukovskogo str. 10, The new house, the protected territory. Within walking distance, Deribasovskaya Street, Opera Theatre.

$70 | night

Apartment 1-14

1 bedroom apartment Odessa, 24 Preobrazhenskaya street, city Garden.

The two-room apartment in Odessa Ukraine.

Rent two rooms/one bedroom deluxe apartment in Odessa, just after reconstruction. Entrance into the courtyard, gates to courtyard are on code. Renovate a corridor. Everything in the apartment is new and of a good quality.

$54 | night

Apartment Studio Odessa

1 bedroom, studio apartment, Odessa city center.

Odessa Historical center, One Bedroom Apartment rent

Odessa, Preobrazenskaya street, studio, author’s design, new apartment  the built in mirror case-compartment, TV plasma, microwave, hair dryer, iron, an ironing table, an angular bath, tea, coffee, video supervision.

Apartment 1-18 Studio

1 bedroom, stylish studio odessa apartment, downtown.

Luxury apartment studio, in the new house.

Stylish studio apartment in Odessa, not so big area, but incredibly cozy and comfortable, original design, good qualitative repair. Big double bed, opposite to it — plasma TV, a nice toilet little table with chair, elegant interior accessories, corner bath.

$43 | night

Odessa Ukraine 1 bedroom apartment

Odessa city garden, 1 bedroom apartment, Deribasovskaya street.

Elegant 2 room apartment, bedroom.

The new apartment for rent in Odessa, with author’s design and a view from windows and  balcony this apartment on city garden — good alternative to hotel, for rest in Odessa Ukraine.

$80 | night

Lux Odessa 1 bedroom apartment

Lux 2 room, 1 bedroom apartment in Odessa, on Deribasovskaya street.

The Lux of 2 room apartment, in the Odessa gardens.

Lux 1 bedroom apartment Odessa, with Jacuzzi. IN THE BEDROOM, shower cabin, SAUNA, safe, computer with Internet, kitchen with cooktop, microwave and fridge, washer and dryer, 2 LCD TVs with Satellite channels, view of the City Garden. Deribasovskaya.

$59 | night

Odessa 1 bedroom apartment rent

New 2 room, 1 bedroom Odessa apartment, Deribasovskaya street.

The fashionable apartment with one bedroom.

This apartment with 1 bedroom in Odessa, is located in the downtown Odessa, City Garden. It is completed with modern, new furniture, satellite television, the Internet, 2 LCD TV.

$60 | night

Vacation Odessa Apartment

1 bedroom vacation apartment in Odessa, Deribasovskaya street.

2 room apartment in light, pleasant tones.

The apartment with a balcony and a view of the City Gardens in Odessa, Ukraine, is ready to rent, for long and  daily. The apartment has a jacuzzi, safe, free wireless Internet.

$61 | night

Search 1 bedroom Apartment rentals from Odessa Ukraine — view photos, description, location on map. On this page, information on rent of apartments in Odessa, with 1 bedroom, is collected,by the day and is long time rent. To all of us, one regularity is well familiar, always there is a wish to find good housing for the moderate price.

View 1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent with visit2odessa!

We also considered it at creation of the catalog of apartments in Odessa with 1 bedroom. We offer by the day and is long, apartments in Odessa at low prices as we cooperate only with owners of apartments.

We have high requirements to quality of information on each apartment with one bedroom in Odessa Ukraine.

  • All apartments are located in the downtown Odessa. The majority of them in New houses, with convenient planning, elevator, the round-the-clock protection.
  • To rent apartment with 1 bedroom, by the day in Odessa it is favorable.
  • Rent cost without intermediaries is cheaper, than a room rate in hotel.
  • Also, in the apartment some people, practically at the same price can stop.

Why booking apartments here you will never be disappointed?

Rent of the apartment in Odessa with 1 bedroom, for some days it is comfortable. Apartments support all necessary for comfortable accommodation.

  • In all our apartments, with 1 bedroom, we provide access to the high-speed Internet.
  • In our apartments the fresh linen and towels, the iron and an ironing table is provided, in some apartments there is a safe.
  • Daily rent of apartments in Odessa is a homeliness, it is convenient in every respect. We provide services of the maid.
  • In any day, you can order this service in us to wash your apartment.

Find and Book 1 bedroom apartments to rent in Odessa.

The apartment in Odessa with 1 bedroom is

  • A full-fledged 2 room apartment which consists of a bedroom with a two-room bed and kitchen studio with the big displayed sofa.
  • In kitchen there is all necessary wares and household appliances for cooking.
  • You can reserve at us the apartment with one bedroom of three days, for week, month or year.
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