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About us

About Travel Services in Odessa, Ukraine


We believe you will find visit2odessa.com Travel Company «SKARBNYTSYA MANDRIV» LLC informative and an excellent portal to some of the best values when traveling for business or pleasure to Odessa, Ukraine; «The Pearl of the Black Sea»

Our Company

During the previous about fourteen  years, we have provided and supervised the private transportation and services Accommodation, Excursions Tours required by hundreds of satisfied business and leisure travelers. He is a native of Odessa and knows the best the city has to offer its visitors. Our company is ready to assist you with the services and private travel needs you may require  has been assisting travelers since 2005 in both Odessa and other Ukraine city. It is our experience that each traveler has a unique combination of needs and objectives. Therefore, we continue to give each client the individual attention and assistance to fulfill them.
Our clients are very diverse and include families, groups of friends and corporate business travelers.

About Visit2odessa

Our mission, is to deliver the best service value and experience for each client we serve. We will fulfill our mission with our commitment to a superb work ethic and professionalism. We pledge that our service will endeavor to protect and promote your personal and business interests. We associates and affiliates have each agreed to maintain the high standards of service we have established. We will listen to our clients and continually work to perfect our services.


Please feel free to contact us anytime by email or phone. We can operate any time of day or night for your pleasure and business requirements. If you are calling from the USA (using Pacific Standard Time) the time in Odessa is approximately ten hours ahead of your time. You may check the exact time in Odessa with our link to the World Clock.

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