3 bedroom apartments

3 bedroom apartments

Rent 3-bedroom apartments in Odessa Ukraine

3-bedroom luxury apartment on Grecheskaya street

4 rooms, 3 bedrooms apartment, with queen-size beautiful wooden beds, 2 bathrooms, oriel windows, harbor view

Living room features matching armchairs and a couch, a coffee table, a dining table, plasma TV and a large wardrobe with mirrored sliding doors.

High-class 3-bedroom apartment on Grecheskaya street (near Deribasovskaya). Spacious rooms with nice furniture and all the necessary appliances. You will get to enjoy a beautiful view of Odessa harbor.

$120 | night

New 3 bedroom Odessa apartment rent

Rent new 3 bedroom apartment with two levels in Odessa.

Rent new 3 bedroom apartment in Odessa Ukraine

The total floor space this new 3 bedroom apartment for rent, 150 square meters. Grecheskaya street, Historical Center, Prymorskyi district, Odessa

$120 | night

Deribasovskaya 3 bedroom apartment

4 room, 3 bedroom deribasovskaya apartment, with double bed each bedroom.

3 bedroom deribasovskaya apartment in Odessa Ukraine.

Luxury three bedroom apartment that is located absolute prime location of Odessa’s historic district — on the main city street Odessa Deribasovskaya. It is your best choice of the apartment, in the center Odessa Ukraine.

$110 | night

Downtown Odessa 3 Bedroom Apartment

4 room, 3 bedroom apartment in Downtown Odessa, Historical center.

Rent 3 bedroom odessa downtown apartment

Rent 4 room, 3 separate bedroom apartment in Odessa. The center of Odessa, this  apartment located at one of the central historical street in Odessa  Mayakovskogo lane.

Luxury 3 bedroom deribasovskaya apartments

4 room, 3 bedroom Luxury Apartment in Odessa, Deribasovskaya street.

Luxury 3 bedroom apartment Odessa, with sea view.

Rent luxurious three bedroom apartment with panoramic SEA VIEW is located on the 3rd floor of a 3 storied building in the absolute prime location of Odessa historic district at the beginning of the main famous street Deribasovskaya.

$120 | night

3+1 bedroom Odessa apartment rent

5 rooms, 4 bedroom apartment in Odessa, Pushkinska Street 8.

Big 4 bedroom odessa apartment for rent

Rent 4 bedroom apartment with two levels in Odessa. The total floor space of apartment 252 square meters. Two separate bathrooms. Three toilets, Jacuzzi.

Odessa 3 bedroom apartment

Book 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment downtown Odessa.

3 bedroom apartment downtown Odessa Ukraine.

New, stylish apartment in Odessa, three separate bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies, nearby park Shevchenko.

Three Bedroom Odessa Apartment

4 room, three bedroom apartment in Odessa, 21 Lanzheronivska street

Rent three bedroom apartment in Odessa

Rent three separate bedroom apartment in Odessa. The apartment has all appliances, 4 air conditioners, home theater, Wi-Fi zone. A perfect choice for those who prefer a luxurious and spacious apartment.

3 bedroom Historic center Odessa

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment Historic center Odessa Ukraine

Sabaneev Bridge apartment Odessa 3 bedroom

The apartment for rent  includes 4 room, 3 bedroom, a living room and 2 bathrooms. The kitchen features a dishwasher and an oven, as well as kettle.

Apartment 4 room 3 bedroom in Odessa

Rent 4 rooms, 3 bedrooms apartment in Odessa city center.

Apartment in Odessa with 4 room 3 bedroom.

Three bedroom apartment in the center of Odessa, 15 minutes walking to Deribasoskaya Street, 20 minutes walking to the beach area — Otrada, Lanzheron beaches. Total square is more than 200 sq.m

$90 | night

Apartment 3-03

Book 4 room, 3 bedroom apartment in Odessa, Ekaterininskaya str.

3 separate bedroom apartment in Odessa Ukraine.

4 room, 3 separate bedroom in center of Odessa, street Ekaterininskaya, corner Deribasovskaya. A total area of apartment 150 square meters. In apartment there is  jacuzzi.

$100 | night

Luxury 2+1 bedroom apartment

Rent 2+1 bedroom, Luxury apartment in Odessa on Soborna Square

Rent Luxury 2+1 bedroom apartment in Odessa Ukraine

Rent Stylish luxury apartment in Odessa 2+1 bedroom have cable TV with foreign languages support, Wi-Fi Internet, climate control, Each bedroom has its own bathroom. Apartment has balcony and Jacuzzi.

Lux 3 bedroom apartment

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Lux apartment on the Deribasovskaya street

Grecheskaya square 3 bedroom lux apartment in Odessa Ukraine

4 room, 3 separate bedroom apartment located on Grecheskaya square, corner Deribasovskaya street. The apartment is renovated  2018 years,in a classical style with a plaster modelling and beautiful crystal lust.

Renting 3-bedroom apartment is your best option, when travelling to Odessa: with family, with a group of friends, with corporate colleagues.

Comfortable accommodation — is what we offer!

The most comfortable 3-bedroom apartments in Odessa, Ukraine for short-term and long-term rent.

All our 3-bedroom apartments satisfy the following criteria:

  • plenty of living space,
  • beautiful interior,
  • hot and cold water 24,
  • located in downtown (walking distance from Deribasovskaya street),
  • all necessary household appliances are included,
  • amiable environment.

Suitable for a holiday in Odessa with family and friends

Odessa is a place where one can have fun on his own, that’s for sure. Beautiful beaches, historic sites, theaters, restaurants and nightclubs… But having fun is always better when you have company, isn’t it? So come to Odessa with a company and have the most out of your stay!

Why choose 3-bedroom apartments?

  • Your stay will be comfortable.
    You will have enough room to accommodate everyone. When renting any 3-bedroom apartment you will most likely have a spacious living room for company discussion of your impression about Odessa in the evening.
  • You will save money.
    The rental expenses can be shared (if you are coming to Odessa with friends or colleagues). And renting 3-bedroom apartment in Odessa is definitely cheaper than renting a big house.
  • You will live in the heart of Odessa.
    All of our 3-bedroom apartments are located in downtown of Odessa – it will take minutes to get to downtown, where all the historic sites and the best restaurants are located.
  • Both long-term and short-term rent are available.
  • Renting 3-bedroom apartment is your best option, when travelling to Odessa:
    • with family,
    • with a group of friends,
    • with corporate colleagues.

Rent with visit2odessa!

Best apartments

We offer only the best apartments for you. We carefully select each one, double check the quality of the furniture and utilities; make sure that environment is safe. We try to take plenty of pictures, so you know you are not getting a cat in a bag.

Competitive prices

We know the rental market quite well, so we always try to offer the best prices for you. When you rent a 3-bedroom apartment for a long term, you receive a discount.

We speak foreign languages

You won’t need to use sign language to explain us that you need an extra blanket — we will understand all your inquiries and requests.

Quality services

Besides apartment rental we offer a full spectrum of services. We’ve been in this business for years and know what it takes to make perfect impressions of your visit to Odessa.

Some of the reviews from our customers about apartments with 3+ bedrooms in Odessa

What our guests are saying after staying in our 3-bedroom apartments in Odessa Ukraine.

Excellent type of accommodation to stay in Odessa!

Best one choi-se after the night of partying in Arcadia! Really comfortable flat for nightlife in Odessa.

Plenty of space for a decent price! Perfect!!!

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