Perfect Restaurants Odessa Ukraine

Visit the best restaurants of the city Odessa.

In the known resort of Odessa, is mashed good restaurants which it will be pleasant to everyone to visit.


In Frantsuzsky Boulevard to be the Dacha restaurant. Its interior is executed in tradition of a cozy villa house with a green garden, a veranda, white walls, an old timber floor. Visitors can choose dishes of the Ukrainian or European cuisine from the hand-written menu.
On the most known street of Odessa — Deribasovskaya-is located the Irish pub «Mick О’nils» in the house number 13. The comfortable situation, ideal service, the various range of dishes, don’t leave you indifferent. 24 hours you are expected by 7 grades of beer, the Irish apple pie, billiards, table tennis a banquet room and live music.
Near a pub, to the address Deribasovskaya, 20 to be the Stake House: wine and meat. Convenient sofas, soft light of Japanese lamps and gentle music together with the best stakes in Odessa and wine perfectly are suitable for forwarding pleasant time.
The Bulvar restaurant on Ekaterinenskaya Square is all Odessa with its geography, history, legends and secrets in a miniature. It is constructed in 1828 according to the project of the architect A. I. Melnikov. The restaurant is well-known for the fish dishes.
If you go to try the real Odessa kitchen, you by all means need to visit Pecheskago restaurant in the Gardens. Also, in it it is possible to order something from the Ukrainian or Caucasian cuisine. This ideal place for banquets, business lunches, business meetings and is simple for rest.
On Ekaterinenskaya Street 15/17 you will get to Fankoni 1872 restaurant. There is the DJ, television, Wi-Fi, a karaoke, summer platforms
In Shevchenko park you can visit Khutorok restaurant. This restaurant on the sea coast will transfer you to the atmosphere of Ukraine of the 19th eyelid. The menu consists of dishes of traditional Ukrainian cuisine.
Restaurant of Kobe. Address: Lanzheronovskaya Street, 9. Dishes of Japanese cuisine such, as land and sashimi which in the menu more than 20 versions, prepare here directly in the face of visitors.
Down the street Belinsky, in the house 13 the Aleksandrovsky restaurant settles down. Located among Frantsuzskogo Boulevard trees, it is ready to offer dishes of the French and Russian cuisine to the visitors.
The Rozmarin restaurant (Small Arnautskaya, 46-a) is ready to suggest you to taste the real kosher food. By the way, the population of Odessa once half consisted of Jews, and to you will give pleasure even the real kosher bread only from a flour, water and yeast.
We will return on Ekaterinenskaya Street and we will visit Scarlet Seyls restaurant (number of the building 14). To this institution 150 years that does it to one of the oldest, so, restaurants of the city maintaining quality reputation are Ball.

Pub «Corwin» on Lanzheronskaya, 17 is ready to please you with dishes of European cuisine. The menu is updated every season, and a variety of alcoholic beverages will delight you, especially, if you visit whisky club.
On Deribasovskaya, 4 at Casanova restaurant you will be able ideally to carry out banquets, business lunches, romantic dinners. Dinner in family spirit and the huge wine card — distinctive features of this institution.
Restaurant «Ukrainsk Lasunka« on Deribasovskaya, a 17-ideal place for banquets, parties, foreigners and late dinners.

Dacha, Odessa restaurants

European or traditional Ukraine cuisine in Odessa

  • 85 Frantsuzky Boulevard.
  •  Phone: +380 48 770-31-19, +380 67 481-14-30
  • web:
  • Dacha is open every day from 9 am — till midnight

Dacha restaurant is real Odessa. Authentic Odessa cuisine. The Dacha restaurant is 3 halls in which 180 places. In the summer of places 250 at the expense of the open area. Here it is possible to try dishes of the European and Odessa cuisine.

Odessa Irish Pub «Mick O’nells»

7 different sorts of beer

Irish pub is situated on the most famous street of Odessa.Have a look and you will not be disappointed. We can offer you cozy conditions, perfect service, rich assortment of dishes, delicious «Buffalo Chicken Wings», 7 different sorts of beer, Irish apple-pie, billiards, desktop tennis, banquet hall, live music. You can meet many foreign quests there. We are working non-stop and waiting for You to visit us!

Odessa Riba Restaurant

Restaurant Riba Odessa

The menu contains a wide range of popular dishes of European, Mediterranean, Odesa and Japanese cuisine dishes, served in the author’s interpretation of the chef.  Guests can enjoy the beautiful view of the Black Sea coast from the restaurant.

Restaurant in Odessa Terrace. Sea View

Restaurant «Boulevard» miniature with its geography and history in Odessa.

  • Address: Beach Lanzheron, 1 B, Odessa, Odessa oblast, 65000
  • Hours: Open today · Open 24 hours
  • Phone: 093 777 8886
  • Website:
  • Odessa Terrasa restaurant — the surprising and beautiful, interesting place where the original general architecture is in harmony with a sea landscape.Restaurant of the Mediterranean kitchen La Terrazza in Odessa. It is located, near hotel Nemo.

Columbus — Fish restaurant in Odessa

Columbus - Fish restaurant in Odessa

  • Novoberegovaya, 90/32 Str., 9th station of the Big Fountain
  • Phone: +38 (067) 007-0005, +38 (094) 917-85-90, +38 (048) 709-85-90
  • Hours:  Closes 11 PM
  • Website:
  • Columbus fish club, a fish restaurant on the seashore in Odessa, for many years has been a place of gastronomic and aesthetic rest for everyone who understands a lot about high-quality author’s cuisine.

Kumanets — Ukrainian cuisine in Odessa

Kumanets - Ukrainian cuisine in Odessa

  • 7,Gavannaya str., Odessa,
  • Phone: +38 0482 376946, +38 048 770 6767
  • work time : 10:00 — 00:00

Here it is a well-known Ukrainian restaurant «Kumanets»! City center, near Deribasovskaya str.

Fashionable Restaurant in Odessa Fanconi 1872

Open Daily 24 a.m.- 24 a.m.

  • Ekaterininskaya   Street 15/17;
  • Phone : + 380 (0) 482 34-66-66.
  • Open Daily 24 a.m.- 24 a.m.  Website:

Music: DJ, House, chill-Out
Features: Dj, TV, the VIP-zone, Wi-Fi, a hookah, a karaoke, summer platforms. Ideally for: productive leisure, a business meeting, friends-foreigners, a breakfast, an early breakfast, romantic appointment, the high life, happy idleness.

Japanese Restaurant Kobe in Odessa

Kobe - the first Japanese restaurant in Odessa.

  • 9, Lanzheronovskaya str., Odessa
  • Working  time: from 11.00 till 24.00 Table reservation:+38 048 726 9806
  •  Website: 

Across the street from the opera theater. Japanese and European cuisine. Excellent Japanese food. The cook prepares the food in front of the guests. Sushi and sashimi are the most popular Japanese dishes in the world. The fresh and natural import products are used only. The variety of different types of sushi include about 20 kings of fresh sea a ocean fish.This wonderful and unforgettable then is performed by cooks from the country of rising sun.

Restaurant «Aleksandrovskiy»

Alexandrovskiy - the embodied dream of odessa's gourmets!

Among the trees of French Boulevardhiding a beautiful old mansion, which the hospitable atmosphere of noble hospitality!It is the restaurant «Alexandrovskiy» — the embodied dream of Odessa’s gourmets!
Where a real Russian and French cuisine.

Odessa Jewish Restaurant Rozmarin

Restaurant of the Real Odessa Jewish cuisine

  • Odessa Jewish kosher cuisine
  • Street Uspenskaya 5. Phone: 38067-518-70-30
  • Work hours: 10:00AM — 11:00PM .
  • Web-site:

Before WWII approximately half the population of Odessa was Jewish.So,Rozmarin,the towns foremost Jewish restaurant gets a deserved mention.The food is prepared according to strict Kosher guidelines e.g no meats are mixed with any dairy produce and bread is baked using only flour,yeast and water.The type of cuisine is both Ashkenizim and Sfaradim.

Wine restaurant Bernardazzi in Odessa

Bernardazzi - wine restaurant in Odessa

Has awards of «Best of Award of Excellence» (2 glasses) from the authoritative wine magazine Wine Spectator. Сozy and atmospheric court yard of restaurant, is one of the brightest sights of Odessa.

Corvin Pub — Ukraine Restaurant in Odessa

Pub Corvin in Odessa - Beer and Whisky.

  • Institution type: Restaurant, the Bar, the Pub.
  • Kitchen: European.Lanzheronovskaya, street 17
  •  Phone:  +38 (0482) 33-88-00
  • Website:

The basic orientation of menu Corvin of restaurant — tasty European cuisine. Here everyone will find a dish to taste. Corvin it is always ready to surprise you with novelties as we update the menu each season. The restaurant will indulge with a choice of drinks, and to fans of strong alcohol we recommend to visit ours whisky — club.

Restaurant REEF — Odessa

Restaurant REEF - Overlooking Black Sea

  • Cuisine:  Seafood, Mediterranean, European
  • Fontansky road, 77. Phone: +38 096 437 4747
  • Average bill: 50$ and above

Perfect for: Banquet, Business lunch, Business meetings, romantic dining, high life, family style dinning, notable wine list
Stylish registration of interiors reminds visitors.The menu for tourists

Tavernetta — Italian restaurant in the center of Odessa

Tavernetta - Italian restaurant on Katerynyns'ka street in the downtown Odessa.

  • Address: Katerynyns’ka St, 45, Odesa, Odessa Oblast, 65000
  • Hours: Open today · 9AM–12AM
  • Website:
  • Phone: 096 234 4621
  • Traditional Italian recipes from the real pasta-sommeliers. Italian products perfectly match with Ukrainian in Tavernetta. We work with small Italian farms, where we buy flour, cheeses, olives, olive oil and even salt.
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