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Odessa Mini — Hotel. Center City

Mini — hotels Odessa. A lane Red, Grecheskaya square.

Hotels in Odessa

Mini — hotels in Odessa, Ukraine. lane Red . The Grecheskaya area. «Afina» shopping. Street Deribasovskaya. It is located in the city center Odessa, the center of sights of Odessa, two steps away from the main street Deribasovskaya, the areas Grecheskaya square, Opera House, Potemkinsky ladder, Sea port, near to all popular restaurants and shopping centers.

$33 | night

Odessa Mini — Hotel. Deribasovskaya

Mini hotel — Apartment, center city Odessa, Deribasovskaya street

Mini Hotels in Odessa Ukraine for rent

Odessa Mini hotel in ukraine, which is consist of 6 apartments is situated on Deribasovskaya 3. New mimi hotel, located, in cozy quarter, the central city street. In all territory of hotel free Wi-Fi. From windows, opens, a view of a monument to the founder of the city — Deribas.

$35 | night

Hotels Nikolaev City Center

Mini — hotels Nikolaev city center, near McDonald’s.

Hotel in Nikolaev Ukraine

Mini hotel in Nikolaev city of Ukraine, located in the city center. On the first floor — restaurant .On the second floor hotel, with six rooms of different categories. Very convenient location. Shops, restaurants and shopping center, located near this mini hotel.

$30 | night

Mini — Hotel. Arcadia Odessa

Mini — hotel Odessa, Arcadia Polunychnyi Line.

Mini Hotels in Odessa Ukraine for rent

Mini — hotel in Arcadia Odessa. Consist of 12 apartments. Each apartment has 2 rooms (1 bedroom). All of them are in one house. All of them identical also consist a hall,  bathroom, kitchen studio with  soffor 2 person, bedroom. The total area — 45 sq.m.

$34 | night

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