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Real Estate Property in Odessa Ukraine

Real Estate company in Odessa Ukraine, INVESTORS GROUP, will qualitatively give you all complexes about professional services in sphere of operations with real estate and investment projects in the market of real estate of a city of Odessa and the Odessa area: sale-purchase, rent, an exchange, moving, realization of investment projects.


Odessa – one of the most visited cities of Ukraine. Its main pluses that in one settlement is combined at once a little absolutely different functional units is an and modern business center, both the resort, and the city filled with a large number of historically important cultural monuments. Among other things, Odessa offers the guests the mass of various entertainments. But, let’s understand, which real estate is necessary to this city what is economically and investment favorable.


Price level on housing in Odessa rather high if to compare to other not capital cities of Ukraine, this fact is connected first of all by that indigenous inhabitants of Odessa quite seldom leaves  the city. Besides, the apartment which is leased further to a season by the vacationer is in great demand. Such small business as purchase of the apartment and its delivery of rent, makes quite decent profit. To have two apartments for the inhabitant of Odessa – quite normal frequent phenomenon. Thus, it is possible to call housing safely the most attractive segment of real estate in Odessa.

For foreigners of obstacles isn’t present
To buy the land (only non agricultural appointment) or the apartment in Odessa the citizen of any country can without any obstacles. Conditions are identical to all foreigners: for registration of the rights to real estate not the resident has to receive an identification code in tax authorities. All citizens of Ukraine have such code, not for its receiving it is enough to citizens to show the passport to a mark on border crossing.


Real estate company in Odessa Ukraine, «INVESTORS GROUP», with comfort also is located in the best regions of the fine resort of Odessa. The pure streets, the developed infrastructure, city and private beaches, the unique nature – all this disposes to getting in property the house, the apartment or giving for family and friendly rest, continuous accommodation. The highly skilled, attentive, friendly adjusted personnel will help to decide on a choice and will make everything in order that the client remained is happy.

The main objective of our activities — as much as possible to reduce terms of search and realization of objects of real estate of different scale — from small apartments and offices, houses in a city and area, private villa houses and private residences, to operating industrial complexes and factories, and investment projects in Odessa and ODESSA area.

We appreciate time of our DEAR CLIENTS! We LOVE our Odessa!!!

INVESTORS GROUP  represents interests in sellers and buyers in the real estate market; Carries out legal support of operations with real estate;  Assists by preparation and registration of necessary documents; Carries out the marketing analysis and monitoring of the market of real estate;
Spend an expert estimation of real estate, including the ground areas, makes an independent estimation of vehicles, the equipment, the ground areas of non agricultural appointment, complete property complexes.

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