Lawyer Kyiv Ukraine

Lawyer Kyiv Ukraine

Lawyer for foreign citizens in Kyiv Ukraine

Fast & Effective lawyer Services Kyiv Ukraine

Professional Legal support  services of a personal, independent  English speaker lawyer in Kyiv, Odessa, Ukraine
+38 (068) 330-08-71

Dmytro Sokaliuk is member of the Ukrainian Lawyers Bar Association, deliver legal services in Ukraine of high quality towards local and foreign clients in many branches of the legal practice in Ukraine, main specialization is litigation

Legal consultation for foreigners in Kyiv Ukraine — Lawyer Dmytro Sokaliuk

In Kiev, legal assistance to foreign citizens is provided by many companies and private lawyers. Choosing, Dmytro Sokaliuk, You receive professional advice and support on all issues of interest to you, timely and high-quality paperwork.

Legal consultation of foreign citizens by Dmitry Sokaluk can be carried out in different formats: by phone, online consultation, counseling at personal request.

Operates throughout Ukraine.

100% guaranteed results.

To receive professional, legal, consultation from the lawyer, in Ukraine, and ask for help can, citizens of any country.

Foreign citizens can receive both a one-time consultation in Kyiv Ukraine and full legal support until the necessary result is achieved.

Legal advice is fully confidential.

Kyiv Professional legal consultations and defense in litigation in the following areas:

  • Civil Law Kyiv Ukraine/Civil Litigation/ Car Accident/ Employment/ Personal Injury/ Contracts litigation
  • Cosultation and litigation in Real Estate Kyiv Ukraine/Defencing your property in Ukraine/Land litigation/ Landlord & Tenant Law
  • Family Law Litigation Kyiv Ukraine/ Divorce/Division of property of spouses
  • Intellectual Property Litigation Kyiv Ukraine/ Defencing your Copyright/ Defencing your Trademark
  • Corporate Litigation Kyiv Ukraine/ Commercial Litigation/ Business Litigation/ Arbitration
  • Banking & Finance litigation Kyiv Ukraine
  • Tax Litigation/ Consultations in Ukraine taxation
  • Litigation in the field of immigration Kyiv/Cancelation of the decision on the ban of entry into Ukraine
  • Business registration in Ukraine/ Company Registration/Company Bank Accounts/  Statutes Company, official documents.


Services of an independent, professional lawyer in Kyiv, Odessa and support of any other city of Ukraine, according to your request.

Am based in Kyiv, but also possible to provide high-quality legal services to clients in all major cities of Ukraine.

Lawyer support for foreign citizens in Kyiv Ukraine

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