Odessa Boat Tour

Odessa Boat Tour

Odessa Boat Tour

Odessa boat tour on the Lagoon 440 — a luxury cruise catamaran

To rent boat Catamaran, for walk tour — trip, along  the coast of the Odessa Black Sea — this good alternative to beaches in Odessa where there are a lot of people and to you will have to look for an empty seat to lay down on sand.

On this boat many places for suntan are also convenient descents that to swimming in the sea. For, carrying out, banquet and holiday, on the vessel, intended very spacious salon filled with stylish furniture. Here it is possible to listen music, dance,

  • length: 13.6
  • width: 7.7
  • mdraft: 1.3 m
  • Number of guests: up to 15 people
  • CD radio player, DVD player, TV, 5 air conditioners, 3 Refrigerator (2kh100l.+1kh75l.), Gas stove, Microwave oven,

Lagoon 440 is a fast and obedient catamaran. By all means, will give you pleasure, a travel, under a sail.

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