Sofiyivsky Park in Uman

Sofiyivsky Park in Uman

Sofiyivsky Park in Uman

Day Tour in Sofiyivsky Park to Uman city from Odessa.

Fascinating and interesting to tour, accompanied by the guide in Sofiyivsky park, in the city of Uman, in Ukraine.Many world objects of landscape gardening appointment which fascinates by the beauty and a landscape is known. It is so difficult to choose one of them to call it a unique pearl of park art. But, when conversation with Sofiyivsky park comes into Uman, there are no doubts about application of it this title.

The Sofiyivsky park, is founded in 1796,  owner of the city of Uman, the count Pototsky and is called, in honor of his wife, Sofia

Sofiyivsky Park — this wonderful mysterious place in Uman, attracts to itself not only landscaping and beauty of the nature. Sofiyivka has the romantic history fanned by many legends which disappear continually in shady side streets, in a mysterious grotto, among a terrible heap of stones. Everyone who didn’t visit yet there, with pleasure will wander on avenues, finding interesting glades, and privacy places.
Sofiyivka is especially good at the fall when yellow-crimson leaves are turned, covering paths and guests of park with the gold. Branches of old big trees are reflected on  a surface of ponds which there is a lot of. Feeling of the pacified rest and fine rest – here those impressions which remain with everyone who at least once will visit this wonderful place.

The Sofiyevka park, is in the cozy town of Uman. It, one of the most beautiful, parks of Europe, put by the leading architects of Western Europe for rich,  Polish magnate count Pototsky and his wife Sofia. The park is widely known both in Ukraine, and beyond her limits is one of outstanding creations world an art garden park. This,  beauty spot, call the fantastic country — so here everything unusually, poetically and finely. Here you will find the Formal garden where is collected a rich collection of plants from around the world, cascades the lake and falls. You will be fascinated by surprising landscapes, numerous fountains, artificial grottoes and refined sculptures of antique gods and goddesses.

  •  Departure from Odessa in 8 :00
  •  Arrival in Uman — 11.00
  •  Excursion on park 11.00 — 13.00
  •  Lunch—13.00-14.00
  •  Excursion (walk on park) — 14.00-17.00
  •  Departure to Odessa — 17.00
  •  Returning roughly at 20.00.
  •  Entrance tickets are included in cost. Services of the license guide — translator. Transportation.

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