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Luxury 5 bedroom Villa Arcadia Area

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Luxury Villa, with, its territory, summer furniture and a place for a barbecue.
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Luxury 5 bedroom 3 bathroom villa house

Odessa Luxury villa  house in classical style, the total area of 450 square meter. Private territory. On the third floor to be the winter garden with live, different plants and flowers. Odessa villa house of 5 separate bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, jacuzzi.Sauna, pool, separate kitchen with all necessary for cooking. Hall, of 80 sq.m. Winter garden, of 70 sq.m. On a villa house there is all for comfortable stay.In each bedroom conditioner. Autonomous water supply. Warm water day and night. In the yard there is a terrace with a dining table. Place for a barbecue. The house on the alarm system.The big spacious hall of villa, can serve for carrying out actions and meetings. Cozy comfortable house. To a beach in Arcadia and night clubs - 4 minutes of a driving on the car. To the downtown, Deribasovskaya Street of 20 minutes of a driving on a car.

Additional servicei: Personal driver with the car,  cook, the cleaner, rent of the yacht and other services in your requirement.

The house is equipped with a complete set of ware, bed and bathing accessories, Wi-Fi the Internet at great speed, satellite television and the other benefits of a civilization.

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