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Rent Villa Houses in Odessa Ukraine

Renting villa houses are suitable for those, who know that they deserve the best!

Premier accommodation — is what we offer!

Any vacation is definitely the time to pamper yourself, especially when it comes to the choice of the place to live in. It has a great influence on the quality of your trip!

For your best experience we offer premier accommodation on the most luxurious villas of Odessa, Ukraine (both short-term and long-term rent is available). Our beautiful villas  in Odessa satisfy the highest standards of comfort and luxury for affordable price.

Renting luxury villas is your best option, when travelling to Odessa for the following purposes:

  • bachelor party,
  • honeymoon,
  • corporate party,
  • family vacation.
  • business meeting
  • luxury vacation

Want to have an amazing trip to Odessa?

Pick one of our VIP villas and you will have the best vacation ever!

Why choose luxury villa in Odessa?


All the villas have gates and are equipped with reliable security systems; some villas even have house guards on their territory. You can feel 100% safe and secure.


Villas give you much more privacy, than any flat can do. It means that  you can  invite a company over, hold a party, do whatever you want to do at any time of the day without anybody watching over.


It’s no fun at all to be cramped up in a hotel room or small apartment. When renting a villa, you get plenty of space (both indoors and outdoors). Hot and cold water 24 is guaranteed.

Stunning interior

Luxury villas are designed by the best architects of Odessa and thus have fabulous, jaw-dropping interiors. Being surrounded by the beauty is always amazing! 

Rent villas with us

We offer the best villas in Odessa

Our villas were approved to carry the title “luxurious”. All the houses are immaculately maintained to make you feel like royalty!

Wide variety

We have a pretty long list of luxury villas for you to choose from, because we want you to find the house in Odessa that suites you the best!

Extremely competitive villa rental rates

We ensure that you get and incredible value for such a high-class accommodation.

Location within city limits.

We don’t offer villas, located in remote areas of Odessa. It takes no more than 30 minutes’ drives to get from any our villa to downtown.

Free transfer from\to airport

Free transfer from airport and back, when you rent a villa for more than 3 days.

Additional services

Renting a luxury villa in Odessa with us gives you an opportunity to use our additional services. For example, we can arrange a fun party or a romantic dinner

Some of the reviews from our customers about renting houses in Odessa

What our guests are saying after staying at our villas in Odessa Ukraine.

Genuine indulgence for a reasonable price!

Exceptionally beautiful villa, where I felt like home.

Affordable luxury for the best experience in Odessa!

Read more testimonials from our guests: http://www.visit2odessa.com/reference.html

Active Search Results

Luxury Odessa Villa House with 9 + 1 bedrooms

Luxury Villa House in Odessa Ukraine, 9+1 bedroom, 7 bathroom, Beach, Sea view, Pool inside.
Luxury Odessa Villa house terrace with furniture for rest

Luxury Villa House 9+1 bedroom 7 bathroom. The first line from the sea and a beach. Jacuzzi. Pool. The total area of the Villa house are 1000 sq.m. The house is located on 13 stations of the Big Fountain. One of pure beaches in Odessa - Riviera.

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Odessa Booking Vip House on Ukraine

5+1 Bedroom Vip House in Odessa Ukraine, with pool and garden
Vip Villa house in Odessa Ukraine, with a big summer garden and  open pool

Nice Odessa Vip  House. Seaside area, a prestigious seaside zone of rest of Odessa.  5 separate bedrooms. 3 bathrooms. Repair is finished one month ago. In each bedroom  plasma TV,  conditioner, musical  stereo - system. There is a jacuzzi. New furniture of leading European manufacturers. 2 -  floor house, a total area of 400 sq. m.

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Vip Arcadia Odessa Villa

Vip Villa in Odessa Ukraine, nearby Arcadia beach, Ibiza and Itaka club
Vip Villa House in Arcadia Odessa, near Ibiza club

Vip Villa house in Arcadia 3 levels  1000 sq.m.  6 rooms , 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms, a jacuzzi. Spacious drawing room, leather beige corner, plasma TV, karaoke, home theater, Wi Fi, fireplace, huge aquarium, wine room, billiards, sauna, pool. 

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5 Star Luxury Villa Ukraine in Odessa

Luxury 5 star villa Odessa ukraine, 5+1 bedroom, pool.
Villa house in Arcadia, Odessa with the open pool and a summer garden.

Luxury Villa Odessa, 2 floors, 5+1 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. The total area of 600 sq.m, repair in classical Italian style, 5 bedrooms separate with double beds, +  bedroom with a sofa double, kitchen - a drawing room with a sofa folding, the open pool, landscaping, a barbecue, an arbor, in the house of full-fledged 12 berths.

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Best Luxury Ukraine Odessa Villa House with Sea Views to Rent

The Best 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, pool, sauna, Luxury Villa House Odessa Ukraine for Rent.
Rent Best Ukraine Villa for Luxury vacation in Odessa Ukraine

At the Black Sea, the best and new villa house in Odessa to Ukraine, with all necessary for Luxury Vacation. Overlooking the Odessa  sea coast.

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Rent 4-bedroom luxury villa in Odessa

New Luxury Villa Odessa Beach, 4 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, air conditioning, swimming pool.
Stylish design of  Hall on Luxury Villa

Modern Villa house near a beach in Odessa, 4 separate bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, pool.  wi - fi Internet. To a beach  5 minutes of walking, slowly. In each bedroom conditioner. Exclusive furniture of global manufacturers. 2 kitchens. On Villa there is all for comfortable stay. 

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VIP villa house in Odessa Ukraine, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, Pool inside, author's design.
Exclusive, author's design of the luxury villa in Odessa Ukraine

Best Luxury Villa in Odessa, with 5 separate bedrooms. We offer rent, daily and long. The closed, protected territory. Villa house in three levels. The exclusive design with high-quality repairs, the European quality is executed. 

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Luxury Arcadia Odessa Villa 1

5-Bedroom Luxury Villa Odessa. Rent. Sale.
Luxury interior 5 bedroom Villa Odessa

Luxury Villa house is located in the quiet, beautiful place, between the 6th and 7th Art. B. Fontana, near Arcadia. Two floors. The first floor, is designed as the uniform space divided respectively into zones: the hall - state muddy, a kitchen, bathroom, the dining room, a winter garden. 

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Luxury Penthouse Rent Arcadia Odessa

4-Bedroom Arcadia Palace Luxury Penthouse Arcadia Odessa, with terrace.
Penthouse in Arcadia Odessa Ukraine, with a balcony.

4-Bedroom Luxury Penthouse in Arcadia Odessa. 3 levels, 3 bathrooms. Total area of 320 square meters. Expensive exclusive furniture. Conditioners. Wi-Fi  internet . All necessary wares and equipment. 

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Vip Private Villa House Ukraine Odessa

Rent vip villa in Odessa, 5 separate bedroom, 3 bathroom.
the pool with heating, in the territory, near the Odessa vip villa house.

Vip Villa House in Odessa for rent, 7 room, 5 separate bedroom, 3 bathroom, 3 kitchen. VIP-level house.Total area 390 square meters, 3 levels, on each floor Italian cuisines,  parquet, marble ladders, leather furniture, landscaping,  summer furniture, the pool with heating , 5-7 minutes of walking to the sea and huge park.  

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Odessa Villa for Vacation Rental

6 Bedroom, 8 rooms Villa House in Odessa, Ukraine for vacation rental.
Rent Odessa villa 3 floors, with the open pool for vacation rental

Rent 6 bedroom, 8 room villa house in Odessa,Ukraine. located in a resort zone of Odessa,  residence  Sovinyon - 24 hours protected territory. The villa house is equipped by all necessary for comfortable rest of the big company.

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Villa #2: 4-Bedroom luxury villa at Kryzhanivka district

VIP villa in Odessa Ukraine, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Air conditioning, Outdoor swimming pool, Sea view.
Decked BBQ area, trees, swimming pool at luxury villa in Odessa, Ukraine.

High-class villa for luxury vacation in Odessa, Ukraine! Huge area, outdoor swimming pool, BBQ area, security guard outside and elegant interior, huge beds and comfortable living rooms inside. Rent this beautiful house for your bachelor party, honeymoon or family vacation!

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Arcadia Odessa House

House in Arcadia Odessa, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom.
Rent Arcadia Odessa House for vacation

New house is located in a resort part  in Arcadia  Odessa. 7  minutes walk to  Arcadia Beach, night clubs. 3 bedrooms, 5 room. House with total area of 180 sq.m. 2 bathroom,shower cabin. Furniture all new, leading European manufacturers. The capacity is up to 6 people.

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4-Bedroom Luxury Villa in Odessa Ukraine with Sea view

Luxury Villa Odessa Ukraine, 4-Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, sea view.
Villa in Odessa, there is everything, for comfortable stay.

Rent  Luxury villa house in Odessa, 4 separate bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, with a fine view of the sea. Three levels. On each floor an exit to a balcony overlooking the sea. On the third floor a terrace with a barbecue. The first line from the sea. The closed, protected territory. Sauna. Total area of the villa house - 340 square meter. In each bedroom conditioner,wi fi Internet.

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3-Bedroom Luxury Villa in Arcadia Odessa

Luxury Villa in Arcadia Odessa, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, pool inside, beach in Arcadia.
Villa house in Arcadia Odessa, indoors - the pool.

3 Bedroom 3 bathroom Villa House in Arcadia Odessa.Constructions of 2011.Total 5 rooms. In each bedroom conditioner. The kitchen is equipped by all necessary for cooking.The pool with heating and lighting. Garage. wi fi Internet. 



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Villa House in Odessa Ukraine15

Villa House for vacation in Odessa Ukraine, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, pool, garden.
Green garden  villa house in Odessa.

Villa House 3 bedroom 3 bathroom. House of construction of 2010. The total area of the house are 270 sq.m. In each bedroom double bed and conditioners. Jacuzzi. Garage. New furniture of leading European producers. wi - fi the Internet. To a beach Riviera 15 minutes of walking.

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Luxury Villa with pool in Odessa Ukraine Just steps from Beach Arcadia

4-Bedroom Luxury Arcadia Villa House in Odessa Ukraine.
Luxury 4 bedroom villa house in Arcadia Odessa

Rent 4 bedroom Villa in Arcadia Odessa. A kind on night club Ibiza. To night clubs in Arcadia of 5 minutes of walking. The new stylish modern three-stored house with a smart panoramic kind of the sea, the area villa of 300 square meters with three levels the terraces , area land of 320 square meters, in a prestigious district  of the city of Odessa, Arcadia, with its beaches and entertaining clubs.

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Odessa Arcadia district Villa House

Villa House in Arcadia Odessa, 4 Bedroom, 2 bathroom, pool, Arcadia Odessa beach.
Rent Villa with pool in a house yard, in Arcadia Odessa.

4 bedroom Villa house is located in Arcadia Odessa district. To Arcadia beach and night clubs, in summertime 10  minutes of  walking. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. In each bedroom  conditioner. Pool. In this place you receive worthy rest and weight of positive emotions.

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Odessa Villa Rent in Ukraine

Private Villa in Odessa Ukraine, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, pool.
Odessa Luxury Villa for  Ukraine vacation

Odessa Villa house  located in prestigious resort zone of rest in Odessa Ukraine. Constructions of 2014 years. Capacity up to 8 people. Fine VILLA. seaside area of elite private residences and the Villa houses, known health resorts and  recreation camps. 

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Luxury 5 bedroom House Arcadia Area

Luxury 5 bedroom 3 bathroom villa house near Arcadia Odessa
Luxury Odessa House, with, its territory, summer furniture and a place for a barbecue.

Odessa luxury villa house  5 separate bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, jacuzzi. Sauna,  pool, separate kitchen with all necessary for cooking. Hall, of 80 m2 . Winter garden 70 sq.m. On a villa house there is all for comfortable stay.

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Arcadia Odessa Villa House 16

Odessa Villa House in Ukraine, 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom.
Villa house in Odessa, with all necessary, for pleasant rest.

4-bedroom  Odessa Villa House in Arcadia area,  Bolshoy Fontan district, 20 minutes walk to Arcadia Beach . There are 4 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, sauna, studio - kitchen areas, office , 2 balconies. Accommodation is up to 13 people. Wi - Fi internet. 

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4 Bedroom Villa House Odessa Ukraine

Villa in Odessa, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, pool.
Rent house with pool in Odessa.

Luxurious Villa house in Odessa. 3 level. 100 square meters studio hall. Big pool with the panoramic extensible glassing and wonderful kind on a garden. 4  separate bedrooms, 3 bathroom, jacuzzi, sauna, sport room, wi fi internet

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Luxury House Rent Odessa 4

4 Bedroom Luxury House in Odessa Ukraine.
House rent, with the green, land plot in Odessa

House is located in Arcadia Odessa, sea coast. Capacity up to 10 people. Fine House. Area of elite private residences and the Villa houses, known health resorts and children's recreation camps. The Villa house is located about the purest city beach Riviera.  

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VIP Luxury Villa Odessa Ukraine

Luxury 4 bedroom Villa Odessa Ukraine
The best in Ukraine Villa house, 4 separate bedrooms, a terrace with the open pool.

The residence area of 850 sq.m, is in the territory of a  hotel complex Le Premier  and is the ideal vacation spot of families and the big companies. Spacious villa featuring a private swimming pool, garden and terrace. Offers views of the Black Sea. Include luxury furnishings, a TV and a home movie theater. Include a guest room, dining room, modern kitchen, and  4 separate bedroom  

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House rent in Odessa,Ukraine with the pool

4-Bedroom Villa House Odessa, pool, near a beach.
House in Odessa, three floors, summer garden, pool.

Villa house is located resort part of a city. Capacity up to 10 people. House located in a resort, coastal zone of the city of Odessa. The first line from the beach. To a beach of 5 minutes of walking. A silent, cozy place. Far from city noise. 7 rooms. 4 bedrooms. A total area of the house more than 500 square metres 

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Arcadia Villa area 3 bedroom

3 bedroom 2 bathroom Villa Arcadia Area
Cozy planning, in the Villa Arcadia area Odessa for rent

5 room house. The house with three separate bedrooms. In each bedroom double beds. In the house it is made repair the European quality. New furniture. Two separate bathrooms.  

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Luxury Odessa Villa

4-Bedroom Luxury House Odessa
The open pool with a terrace for rest in Odessa

Fine VILLA. Seaside area, a prestigious seaside zone of rest of Odessa. The house of 2008 of construction 2 - a floor, 3 - level, a total area of 500 square meters, locate around 9 oh stations of the Big Fountain in 7 - 10 minutes of driving to Arcadia entertainment complex with known night clubs which is located on "Arcadia" beach. To street Deribasovskaya 20 - 25 minutes.

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Ukraine House

5-Bedroom House in Ukraine, for vacation.
House in Ukraine,Odessa for rent.

Ukraine House,  located in a resort part of the city of Odessa.To Arcadia beach and night clubs,  15 - 20 minutes of walking. To city centre, street of Deribasovskaya 25 minutes of driving. To night club Palladium 15 minutes of driving on the car.

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Luxury cottage in Odessa

Luxury 2 - bedroom cottage in Arkadia Odessa.
luxury cottage in Arcadia Odessa for rent

Rent 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom room cottage in Arkadia Odessa, Ukraine. Conditioners. wi - fi Internet . A place for a barbecue. The modern comfortable cottage is located in one of the most prestigious coastal areas of Odessa. Total area of the cottage  130 m2.

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Odessa Large villa for Holiday

Holiday Villa House in Odessa, Ukraine for Luxury vacation, 8 room, 7 bedroom, 4 bathroom.
Rent Villa Odessa,Ukraine.

luxury Villa in Odessa, Ukraine, 3 levels, 7 separate bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. The house is located in resort part of the city around the Big Fountain, near a beach Riviera. 

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Odessa House with Garden

House in Odessa Ukraine for Booking, with pool and nice garden.
Villa house in Odessa Ukraine,with Garden.

New,beautiful house with a garden and the pool in Odessa  Ukraine. Four separate bedrooms, three bathrooms, grill area, 10 minutes walk to Odessa beach and restaurant. Full Odessa vacations service, wi fi Internet.

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