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Dear city visitors of Odessa Ukraine!

  Security and legal company "Bulat-2008" is the command of professionals generated from experts ready you to help to save up your property, and also to provide a personal security in Odessa Ukraine. Employees of company had trained special preparation of individual protection for private persons.
  At necessity, our lawyers having extensive knowledge in various branches of the right, will help you is qualified and quickly to solve the various legal questions connected with conducting of your business, will help you to orient optimum in the difficult legislation of Ukraine.
  We are opened for our clients and are ready for cooperation at any time convenient for you.
The license of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine series АВ №433381 from 3/4/2009 of year.

Security company "Bulat - 2008" offers protection services: protection of objects in Odessa and in Ukraine, physical protection, protection of offices, shopping centers, business of the centers, the industrial enterprises, shops, cottages, building objects, schools, restaurants, night clubs, mass actions, bodyguard, protection of physical persons, foreign delegations, protection the VIP of persons.
Special services of protection: rent of cars the VIP a class, a meeting of physical persons, the VIP of persons, support of cargoes, video installation – supervision, the security, fire alarm system, "cleaning" of premises from "bugs", listenings.

Bodyguard Protection Services in Odessa Ukraine specializes in bodyguards, bodyguard training and VIP protection. 
We provide services of the personal bodyguard for the period of your visit and stay in Odessa and also in other cities of Ukraine.
You can order in us 1, 2 or any, quantity, well trained bodyguards for maintenance in Odessa with business class cars.


Security Service Odessa Ukraine

Security Odessa Ukraine