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Odessa Catacombs Tour

Excursion in the Odessa catacombs with the guide. Excursions and tour in the Odessa catacombs, 10 meters underground Tour in catacombs, in Odessa, World War II times
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Excursion into guide to catacombs Odessa. Duration: 3 - hour.

Excursion tour on underground catacombs "The museum of guerrilla glories" in OdessaDuring excursion tour opportunity to visit underground tunnels in which are reconstructed guerrilla camp is given. The diplomaed guide-interpreter will help to touch heroic history of the Odessa edge.

Sandy lands on which Odessa settles down, are penetrated long, more than thousand-kilometer tunnels catacombs. Dug in the 19th century, these catacombs were used by smugglers, revolutionaries and guerrillas at the time of World War II. The network of tunnels under Nerubayskoye village, in the northwest from the capital, is recognized as part of the Museum of guerrilla glory. It is extremely popular both for individual visits, and for tourist groups. The underground museum complex which is settling down in 11 kilometers from Odessa, served earlier as cover for the Odessa resistance to all World War II. 
Excursion begins with a short trip around the city, passing into round on the Ukrainian villages, picturesque gardens and vineyards. Opportunity for 3 hours will be presented to you to admire changing panoramas of the nature and to imprint the edge which is once known as the Grain basket of the Soviet Union in pictures.

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