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Journey to the White City

Excursion to the White City in Belgorod Dnestrovsky Excursion to the White City in Belgorod Dnestrovsky Tour in  fortress - Аkkerman with the guide Excursion 80 km from Odessa in Belgorod Dnestrovsky fortress To the walls of an ancient fortress – Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy Excursions · Around and near Odessa Belgorod Dnestrovskiy
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Tour, Excursion Akkerman fortress Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy - White City.

Belgorod-Dnestrovsk fortress – "white city" tour, - not destroyed monument to town planning of 13-15 centuries which remained in the territory of Odessa region. From all historical defensive works of Ukraine this fortress surpasses others by the area (occupies 9 hectares of the territory) and a state (appearance is almost invariable since, all parts of a structure are whole). To the middle of the XX century the city was called not Belgorod-Dnester. It had the Turkish name – Akkerman, meaning "The white fortress" therefore also fortress was called earlier as Akkermanska. Each of its towers of Akkermansky fortress has own name which is connected with a concrete legend. 

Excursion into Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy fortress is interesting to the people keen on spirit stories, military science and architectural art as in detail describes the events connected with fortress, its detailed plan of a structure of emphasis on towers and bastions as the most interesting making parts of this construction, and their functional mission, especially in strategic planning.

Day tour - trip from Odessa to Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy a fortress - Аkkerman - White city.

You, will serve personal, ,certified guide-interpreter and the driver, with knowledge of English on the comfortable car or minivan. On the road from Odessa to Belgorod - Dnestrovsk (about 90 km), you will get acquainted with resorts area, Zatoka and Karolino - Bugaz, located along the Black Sea.

Recommendations of tourists at excursion to Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy

Surely, take with yourself a photo or video cameras (shooting in the territory of fortress is free);
In the territory of fortress it is possible to do some shooting from an arbalest, for an additional fee;
In summertime of year (May - September), interactive events are held here: knightly tournaments, festivals;
After visit to fortress it is possible to stop by at the Center of culture of wine of Shabo (he is in 15 minutes of driving),  

Till our times cunningly more than two tens names of city, but all of them, anyhow, were translated on Russian as the White fortress which many centuries cost on rocky rock - towers, bastions, court yard, guns, kernels, stories, histories.Following this visit, you will have an unprecedented opportunity to view the excavation site of the ancient Greek colony of Tira founded in the 6th century BC. Get acquainted with the 1000-year long history of this antique settlement and walk through the evocative ruins including the old Greek temple and a Roman tower.

 It is possible to combine white city tour with excursion to tasting wine in Shabo. These two offers of the direction on tour, are nearby with each other.

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