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Mini Hotels in Odessa Ukraine Rent room in Odessa mini - hotel. Semi-suite room in Odessa mini - hotel.

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Mini hotel - Apartment,center city Odessa.

Odessa Mini hotel which is consist of 5 apartments is situated on 5 Mayakovskiy lane,city center of Odessa Ukraine, small lane which connect Gavanaya and Preobrazhenskaya Streets.Description Apartments are situated in newly built building in the courtyard. There is one apartment on the ground floor, two apartments on second floor, two apartment on the the third floor - and mansard room. 

Mini hotel is opened in Odessa on June 20,2010. Renovation is just finished. Everything is new and deluxe. The hotel is protected 24 hours per day. The professional cook will make for you a breakfast and any, other dish, according to your application.

  • One room/one bedroom cozy apartment is on the first floor. It has king size bed in the 30 sq m room, dining area with fridge and glass table. There are tiles floor in shower WC, autonomous heating system and water supply. The apartment is fitted with consumer electronics such as TV set with cable TV 71 channels, iron, fridge, air conditioner. There is nice small balcony with courtyard view. In each apartment there is an Internet. 
  • Perfect location on 5 Mayakovskiy lane corner Gavannaya Street, 3 minutes walking from Deribasovskaya str. In hotel can settle down 14 person.This apartment is located on a ground floor of a building. 1 bathroom. In it 2 pairs, 4 persons can be placed. In other room there is a displayed sofa. DVD Player, Wi Fi (installed shortly) and an 10 Air Conditioner.Washing machine, laundry. Breakfast.

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