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Wine Tasting Tour in Shabo

Tour with the guide in the wine and cognac center in Shabo Excursion and tour to plant in Shabo Ukraine Tasting of cognac and excursion in Shabo Odessa Tasting wine and tour in Shabo Ukraine
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Day trips in Shabo Odessa,for wine testing. Duration: 6 - hour.

Tour at Wine Cultural Center and Tasting in Shabo.

Shabo Wine Tasting

Shabo - a famous resort and spa area

Are you a thirstiest traveler? Then we are ready to introduce you one of our favorite winery places: Shabo - a famous resort and spa area - is located 70 km from Odessa and 5 kilometers from the resort Zatoka. Hereharmoniously boundless sea surface of the Black Sea and the waters of the Dniester estuary. Connoisseurs insist that the connection steppe air and mild marine climate of the south of Ukraine is a true elixir ofhealth.

Shabsky region has an ancient history of wine making

Grapes are grown in the twelfth century. A famous shabskoe settlement about 200 years ago founded the French-Swiss settlers. Since ancient times, Chabot - pearl of the Ukrainian wine making. "Company Shabo is an example of modern wine-making complex. The unique sandy soil and 1000 hectares of own wine yards, a huge warehouse with total area of 100002 meters modern European equipment for grape processing, and finally, the new"

European standards of wine

Shabo Winery, which meets all the requirements of European standards, created a production system that allows you to effectively monitor the quality of the wine to the final product - wine TM Shabo. Brand "Shabo" invitesall wishes to make a fascinating journey into the only Ukrainian Odessa Center Shabo - the culture of wine ". Tasting in the tasting room, which is decorated in the style of socialist realism. Tasting in the classical form specialists Winery Shabo. For drinks are served for tasting traditional snacks: cheese, crackers, walnuts, sandwiches with ham.Guests will be able to taste the 5 kinds of wine, 2 items of champagne and 2 items Cognacs "Shabo".

In the crystal hall guests can taste the wine and brandy Trademark Shabo:

1.  «SHABO CLASSIC» Chardonnay – dry white wine.
2.  «SHABO CLASSIC» Cabernet – dry red wine.
3.  «SHABO CLASSIC» Sherry – dry white wine.
4.  «SHABO CLASSIC» Semi-dry White wine.
5.  «SHABO CLASSIC» Semi-sweet Red wine.
6.    Sparkling wine «SHABO CLASSIC» semi-sweet
7.   Vermouth «SHABO BIANCO CLASSIC», desert white
8.   Brandy “V.S.O.P.” (five stars)

Traditional snacks for tasting: crackers, walnuts, dark chocolate are served for drinks.

On the territory of “Shabo” wine company the Store is located, where you can buy products of Trademark “Shabo”, souvenirs.

During the tour you can order VIP- tasting.

VIP Degustation

1.  «SHABO RESERVE» Cabernet – dry red
2.  «SHABO RESERVE» Chardonnay – dry white
3.  «SHABO CLASSIC» Sherry – dry white
4.  «SHABO CLASSIC»  Semi-dry Red
5.  «SHABO CLASSIC»  Semi-dry White
6.   Sparkling wine «SHABO CLASSIC» Brut
7.  Brandy «SHABO RESERVE», 20 years of aging.

Traditional snacks for tasting: Holand cheese, green olives, crackers, walnuts, dark chocolate, mineral water

It is possible to combine with excursion to Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy fortress - Аkkerman. These two offers of the direction on tours, are nearby with each other 

The cost of tour depends on a number of person.
We organize and we carry out Wine tasting on SHABO Tours, for individual tourists for 1 - 3 person.
For groups, from 4 to 20 tourists.
You will be served by the diplomaed guide-interpreter, with knowledge of English, German, Spanish.

For 1 - 3 person, we offer, comfortable car, business class, Toyota - Camry.
For 4 - 6 person - minivan Mercedes - Viano.

Our guide, together with the driver, will meet you, in the hall to your hotel. Payment, the end of tour, at return to Odessa.

Cost Tour Trip For 1-3 person : 120 - 150$
For 4 - 6 person: 200 - 220$

Are included in the price: services of diplomaed guide, transport service and tasting Wine and cognac at plant in Shabo.

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