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                                                            Nightlife in Odessa Ukraine

Odessa is the city in which it is possible to have fun all night long, till the morning. The center of such fun in Odessa, is Arcadia Club seaside strip where are located a set of various night clubs, restaurants and bars.

Suntanned Odessa beauties, I began to smell the seas and the atmosphere which turns the heads – all this can be seen and tested on own body in night clubs of this nice city Odessa

The founder of dancing culture in the city, is the legendary institution "Captain Morgan". 
The club is equipped with the modern sound and light equipment in which various thematic parties (whether it be it is arrival of the best world DJ, comedy projects or evenings of live music) are regularly held. 
"Vechernaya Odessa" is a surprising club, first of all is well-known for the unsurpassed interior executed in style of the magnificent liner. In this night club the quiet atmosphere is remarkable that perfectly is suitable for carefree rest and helps to distract from city bustle. 
"Palladium" is one of the best night clubs of all South of Ukraine. In an institution very extraordinary design which combines architectural tendencies of different eras. The club is the most visited in the city (every day about 1000-1500 visitors here come).

"Ibiza" - the most popular club on Arcadia beach in Odessa in which at the same time there can be more than 5 thousand people. Institutions it is constructed in the form of a huge ant hill, and in it many flat TVs, seats and the light equipment are located. 
During the summer period of Ibiza turns into the center of club life of the city.

Captain Morgan Odessa Club

Works, 24 hours per day, without days off.

30, Zhukovskogo str.
Tel.: (048) 728-8482
Open 24/7
Web-site: http://www.morgan-club.com.ua/

"Captain Morgan" club is situated in the center of Odessa. It has 2 levels, 125 sitting places and 400-500 of dancing places. Every Friday an Saturday best DJ's, VJ's, PJ's from Kyiv, Moscow and Europe are invited! Club works "NON-STOP" (short break is from 8.00 till 10.00).

Vechernaya Odessa Club

Modern music, cocktails for all tastes, we work till 6th morning.


59, Pushkinskaya str.
Tell: (0482) 32-1421
Web-site: http://www.vecherka.odessa.ua/

Today Vechernaya Odessa is a popular, cult club with professional sound, light Best Barmens and DJ's of the city. It's parties left great impressions in peoples minds.


Palladium Odessa,Ukraine.

One of the best, night clubs in Odessa.

4, Italian parkway str.
Tel: 728-6566
It works as a restaurant in the daytime (from 11.00). There is a disco at 21.00. Light pleasant music, jazz. The show-program starts at 23.00, then disco till morning. A wonderful 2 storey hall. Strip-shows held on the ground floor. Bars, concert programs with participation of famous performers.


Odessa Night Club Yo! (Ë)

The downtown Odessa, works till 6th morning.

15, Polskiy Spusk str.
Tel: 37-15-15  Web-site:http://www.yo-club.com.ua/

Musical club yo and bowling of 7 stars, is the uniform entertaining complex, located in the center Odessa and borrows one of in the lead places in entertaining industry in Ukraine club yo includes the dance floor, the stage, the sound.

Ibiza Arcadia Odessa Beach Clubs

The summer, open, Night club Ibiza, works from May 15 to September 18.

Arcadia, Odessa, Ukraine
Tel.: (048) 777-0205 (04)

One of the most famous Odessa summer clubs. Fantastic design, best music and most beautiful girls dancing all night!




Sady Pobedy

Club with сoncert programs in Odessa

The square 10-th of April.

Arcadia Tel.+38 (048) 785-85-85

web. http://www.sadypobedy.od.ua/
Sady pobedy  are taken by right by a place of the best brand of Odessa and Ukraine. To visit here – a sheer pleasure for judges of the best …




Itaka Arcadia Odessa Club

Night club of Itaka in Odessa, Ukraine contains to 5 thousand people, on a beach in Arcadia.

Arcadia, Odessa, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (0482) 349-188
Unique atmosphere of the Ancient Greece is felt as visitors of club already from first steps on a platform "Itaka" which arrangement of tables reminds an amphitheater. Columns, amp horas, a marble laying, ancient greek statues - all interior of club every second reminds you, that you are on native land O which name so is conformable with the name of our city.




«Park Residence»

Odessa fashionable club in Frantsuzsky Boulevard.

Tel. +38(048) 78-00-400 The address: Odessa, the French parkway 85

«Park Residence» is near to Arcadia, If you love an environment of girls of obviously modeling appearance, «Park Residence» – the place for you!


first Gentleman club in Odessa,Ukraine.

New striptease club in Odessa.

Marshala Govorova str.10/2

Tel:+38 048 700 06 06

The first gentleman club in Odessa FLIRT works everyday from 20: 00 til 05:00