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Fashionable apartment with 3 separate bedrooms in Arcadia Odessa
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Luxury 3 bedroom,4 room apartments Arcadia Palace House,Odessa Arcadia

Three separate bedrooms and two bathrooms on the luxury apartment which located in the Arkadia palace, at the beach. It is the big 4 room apartment, with a total area 220 square meter, has three terassa overlooking the sea and Ibiza club, with an exit, from each bedroom. State muddy has the big area and also, a balcony. New kitchen with all accessories. This, the big, spacious apartment is ideal for rent in Arkadia Odessa, rest and vacation.
In this apartment, can, conveniently, to live 6 people, all conditions are for this purpose created: convenient new furniture, total area of the apartment, accessories, two bathrooms, wi fi Internet, view of the sea each bedroom, protected territory, 4 air conditioners. In one of bathrooms there is jacuzzi. The apartment has all necessary for rent by the day and long.
Personal key with an exit to beaches and clubs in Arkadia Odessa.

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